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Rating Permanent Disabilities

Schedule for Rating Permanent Disabilities

This Schedule for Rating Permanent Disabilities has been adopted by the Administrative Director pursuant to Labor Code section 4660. The calculation of a permanent disability rating is initially based on a evaluating physician’s impairment rating, in accordance with the medical evaluation protocols and rating procedures set forth in the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition (hereinafter referred to as the “AMA Guides”). A final permanent disability rating is obtained only after the impairment rating obtained from an evaluating physician is adjusted for diminished future earning capacity, occupation and age at the time of injury.

PD Chart

Once you have rated the permanent disability, you may use the attached chart to determine the value of permanent disability according to the date of injury. There are also some helpful tables and information on the attached chart as well, including mileage and disability rates.