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Services / Venues


• Aggressive defense of workers’ compensation cases (including Asbestos claims)
• 132a claims
• Serious & Willful Misconduct claims
• Subrogation claims
• Flat-fee walkthroughs


With offices located in Salinas, Santa Maria, Ontario, and Stockton, we appear at many different venues, as noted below:

• Anaheim, California (AHM)
• Bakersfield (BAK)
• Fresno, California (FRE)
• Long Beach, California (LBO)
• Los Angeles, California (LAO)
• Marina Del Rey, California (MDR)
• Oakland, California (OAK)
• Oxnard (OXN)
• Pomona, California (POM)
• Riverside, California (RIV)
• Sacramento, California (SAC)
• Salinas, California (SAL)
• San Bernardino, California (SBR)
• San Diego, California (SDO)
• San Francisco, California (SFO)
• San Jose, California (SJO)
• San Luis Obispo, California (SLO)
• Santa Ana, California (ANA)
• Santa Barbara, California (SBA)
• Santa Rosa, California (SRO)
• Stockton, California (STK)
• Van Nuys, California (VNO)

If you have cases that are currently venued at locations not listed, we would welcome the referral of those cases as well.