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Walkthrough Checklist – Luna, Levering & Holmes   (831) 444-7901 (Main)   (831) 444-7909

Walkthrough Checklist

Here is a helpful list you can print out as a guide

When referring files to our office for walkthrough, please make sure the following documents are included:

  • Settlement documents (signed by injured worker and attorney [if applicable])
  • 4906(h) Waiver must be signed by applicant with settlement documents
  • Permanent and stationary report from the primary treating physician and/or any medical-legal reports
  • Printout of benefits (indemnity and medical)
  • Wage statement
  • Benefit notices (including proof that QME forms were sent to the injured worker)
  • Complete medical file
  • Notice of Offer of Regular Work (if applicable; for injuries prior to 2013)